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How to compare Shared Working space in Bangalore?

The coworking movement was first started by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco who wanted to give the otherwise isolated practice of freelancing a more social and communal atmosphere. Today of course with the rise in entrepreneurship and startups there are more and more companies that would rather opt for shared office spaces than invest in a place of their own. Coworking spaces are also extremely convenient and economical when it comes to freelancers who are involved in a lot travel for business purposes. Most metropolitan cities have a wide range of coworking office spaces that companies, young entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc, can choose from depending on their particular requirements and preferences.

Bengaluru has a population of over ten million, making it the third most populous city in India. Bengaluru is also considered to be India’s hub for budding entrepreneurs, talented professions from around the country travel to Bengaluru with aspirations to make it big. The pleasant climate and inviting culture makes this megacity one of the largest emerging IT sectors in the world.

Bengaluru has a great work culture and is home to a number of affordable coworking spaces in Bengaluru that allow young startups comfortable and easily accessible workspaces and work facilities. There are shared office spaces in every area around the city thereby reducing the hassle of maneuvering through city traffic. Although all coworking spaces are built to suit most business affairs, it is important for you to dig deeper and find what will be best suitable for your business.

Opting for the right location is a key criterion to be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding a suitable shared office space for your company. Pick a place that will be convenient for your clientele to approach. Another reason why your work space location is extremely important is because, it is your location that will set the first impression for your future prospects after a meeting. If your work is related to the hospitality sector, MG Road in Bengaluru is a smart choice as it is considered to be the hub of recreational activity in the city.

It is always a good idea to find out who the other tenants working at the shared office space are. Surrounding yourself with likeminded professionals will result in increased productivity and decreased ergonomic stress and disorders. If your workplace is filled with positivity you are bound to work better!

The best thing about working on your own is that you can choose where you get to work from and since Bengaluru has shared office spaces throughout the city it becomes very convenient for you to choose a location that is close to where you reside and involves the least amount of travel. Starting your day away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic can sure work wonders for your mood and motivation for a long working day!

Make sure the amenities promised by the work space are delivered. A lot of times services promised are not up to the mark and that could in turn affect your work routine. If you plan to hold meetings at the coworking space, it is advisable to check whether the office space has the infrastructure you require and refreshments like tea and coffee easily available.

Choose a work space that is both economical as well as well equipped. Starting a new business can be quite a challenging task and the last thing on your list is for your monthly rent becoming a burden. Pick a work space that fits your budget as it is always a smart decision to keep your investment and expenses at the bare minimum at least during the initial stages of your new business venture.

If you are looking to network and make new connections it is best to choose a location and space that is usually occupied by influential people in your field. Make sure to choose a place that has active engagement from professionals in your field as this could boost your business prospects immensely. Community events organized by coworking spaces could also help you go a long way in building important relationships.

As your business grows you will gradually have more people onboard which might require more working space, therefore it is a smart idea to choose a work space that will be able to accommodate the anticipated expansion in your workforce. Shifting your base will be a tiring task rather you should choose a shared workspace that can be easily expanded.

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