ODOCO coworking space

ODOCO coworking space


We are currently beta testing so please don't judge us. However, all user and host data are genuine.

On-demand offices & Co-working

There’s that particular buzz you get from being in an office that’s doing great and filled with busy people, then I though to myself, wouldn’t everyone want that?

ODOCO’s mission is to connect people that have extra workspace to the ones that need it. Not a lot of people have the space they need to help them realize their dreams and the people that do, tend to have more than they actually need. Office sharing will have a massive impact in India and the rest of the world and ODOCO is going help this type of shared economy realize its potential.

We want our users to feel like they are other places and where they can find a perfect fit for themselves and their company outside the generic options available, giving them flexibility, affordability and accessibility all in one. We want our owners to feel liberated and be proud to host startups or freelancers in their personal spaces and of course also help pay the bills. It’s a great way for both parties to network with people from different backgrounds and to develop business partnerships that can be truly priceless.

I genuinely hope this platform will help people in more ways than one..

Neville Patel
Founder and Managing Director
ODOCO Technologies

We work with top talent to build world-class technology solutions that power the future of work.

ShareDesk is changing the way the world works through our innovative products – ShareDesk and Optix.

Our prime Gastown location, complete with break-taking views of the mountains, is home to our growing team of passionate problem-solvers. We build beautiful software that helps coworking spaces and enterprises get the most out of their office space.

Our product team spends their workdays turning complex problems into elegant solutions. From designing the mobile app experience to perfecting our API, or pushing the boundaries with iBeacon technology, our team is both thoughtful and full of hustle, and is proud to be creating products that improve the lives of the modern worker.

Our business team spends their workdays designing strategies and building the systems and processes that bring our company's collective vision to life. We bridge the gap between our technology and our customers to ensure real needs are being met.

As an employee at ShareDesk, you'll have a real impact - you are responsible for your decisions. We trust you to make the right choices and own your solutions. We’re a team of “yes” people - we don’t shy away from problems just because they’re hard. We’re all working together to make the impossible happen.

Working with Grade ‘A’, passionate colleagues encourages us all to do better work, become better people, and grow our company.

Intrigued? Read through the perks below and make sure to check out our current job postings!

Employee stock options – Employees at ShareDesk are partners in the business. Help us build amazing products that change the way people work, then share in our collective success

Personal and professional growth – We encourage you to keeping learning and growing. To help you reach your goals, we'll connect with mentors and fund personal and professional development programs and classes of your choice

Health and wellness – We believe in balance – that means working hard and taking the time to recharge and re-energize. We’ve got you covered with our competitive group benefits program, healthy snack options, and in-office meditation sessions

Awesome Gastown workspace & flexible work options – Gain valuable inspiration, energy, and career advancement by working in a startup. We work out of a vibrant coworking office – complete with beams, brick, and breath-taking views – right in the heart of Vancouver, alongside other startups and entrepreneurs. We work here together as a team, but enjoy flexibility when we need it

Tools – Need extra monitors? Prefer a standing desk? We’ll help you get the tools you need to work comfortably and efficiently

Fuel – Stay caffeinated with java from a rotating list of great suppliers, such as Moja and JJ Bean. We keep the office stocked with healthy snacks, juices, and fruits, too!

Fun – Building a great product starts with building a great team. Take part in team off-sites – golf, food tours, and retreats to the local islands

Just before you get too far

To keep the experience awesome for our users, we have a set of standards which venues must meet:


Your venue's primary business must be the renting of desks, meeting rooms, and private offices.