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Commonly asked questions


Our mission is to allow space owners and seekers to connect directly with each other to encourage the sharing of space.

Today, choosing an space can be much cheaper and more flexible than it was 20 years ago. In most lease or buy options of accommodation, middlemen have played play a major role, but with today’s developments of renting cheaper and flexible space online, the age-old system of brokers is fast becoming an anachronism, in an industry that is now extremely well connected at the mere touch of a button.

The solution lies in encouraging these connections and minimising barriers between them. Generally speaking, the idea is to create a peer to peer platform for both space owners and seekers, driving business via the creation of coworker communities and data analytics.

If your space is under utilised and you would like to get discovered by or approach space seekers you will find our platform useful to help fill your under utilised capacity.

Yes, both space owners and seekers can negotiate their price and terms before booking with each other. ODOCO does not take part in the transaction other than putting both parties in touch with each other.

The prices that space owners set while registering is fairly accurate and should not be higher than mentioned in most cases. However, owners and seekers can negotiate the actual price at the time of booking if both parties are agreeable.

If you go to the settings page you will find various boxes that will allow you to opt out of all or selected notifications. You will however, have these notifications in your inbox of your ODOCO account.

Showing our space seekers valid and safe spaces is extremely important to us. However, It would be impractical and impossible to physically check each space that lists on our platform. Therefore, we have real people that pre-approve office space listings after doing random background checks that can include personal/automated calls or via third party websites. Moreover, each space that lists with us will receive a call from us confirming their listing. We also require mobile numbers and email addresses to be verified via an One Time Password (OTP) or verification link at the time of registration of the account. After being approved we continue to get feedback from and verify our owners and their spaces by conducting random personal visits made by various people within our community. Space seekers reviews are also a good way to judge how authentic a space owner is.

Office Seeker

We can not personally recommend or find any space because we are not agents. We can however, present you with a list of existing spaces and their information in your city for your to make an informed decision on your own. Our customer support team are available 7 days a week to help you if you need any assistance with the process.

No, we do not charge any fees to space seekers for finding or booking a space via our platform. Neither do we charge space owners a commission or brokerage on your deal either so you can be sure to get the best rates for your space on ODOCO.

In most cases security deposits are not required. However, its best to check with the owner directly before booking.

You will need to enter on our home page the city in which you’re searching and number of people you require space for. After which you will be taken to our search page, where you will see all active spaces in a grid format. Following which you can decide based on the most suited to you using our filters and view the space detail page of the ones you select.

The space detail page displays all the information about a particular space like location, pricing, amenities, pictures and most importantly contact buttons. When you click on a contact button you will need to post a requirement before you can send a message or call the space owner.

As soon as you post a requirement we give you access to messaging or calling options and you can contact all our space owners for free. We also share your requirement with other owners on our co-working community page so they can contact you to help you find an office space as soon as possible. You can decide to be contacted either on our platform via our messaging system or also receive phone calls or Whatsapp messages, you can find out more about how we use your data in our privacy policy.

Your requirement can be made inactive or changed via your profile page. From time to time you may also receive automated calls, emails and SMS from us requesting you to update your requirement, you may either select ‘1, still looking for a space or ‘2, I’ve found my space. You may opt out of receiving these requests from us via the settings page, in that case your requirement will expire in 60 - 180 days.

After marking your requirement as fulfilled via your profile page. It will be removed from our co-worker community page and no other owners will be able to see your requirement.

Since we do not get involved whatsoever with any bookings, you will need to check with the owner that you booked with. This may vary depending on the space and owner.

Yes, we will deeply appreciate if you mark your requirement as fulfilled via your profile page.

You will need to visit the space detail page of the space you would like to review and on the right hand side of the page you will find 5 stars. You can click on the number of stars you would like to give to the space and then also write a review after clicking on the stars.

You can always delete your account permanently via the settings page of your account. See what happens after you delete your account here. Alternatively, you can deactivate your account via the settings page which will save you some time if you decide to come back in the future.

Office Owner

We can not personally recommend or find anybody for you because we are not agents. We can however, present you with a list of existing space seekers and their information in your city for you to get in touch with them directly. Our customer support team are available 7 days a week to help you if you need any assistance with the process.

No, we do not charge any commission or brokerage to space owners for finding or booking with a space seeker via our platform. However, space owners can upgrade to premium or purchase boosts to increase their chances of being booked and exposure on our platform.

Listing your office space is 100% free and always will be!

No, you can contact an unlimited amount of space seekers via our co-working community page.

Our free plan offers space seekers a chance to message you directly for which you may decide to receive email notifications for. If you are on our premium plan you can additionally display your phone number and Whatsapp number so space seekers can call or Whatsapp message you directly.

Our free plan lets only allows you to make changes to your space with your account. If you are on our premium plan you can additionally add up to 4 more admins for any office space listing.

Listings can be made inactive via the space page. Making your space inactive will help you save time in case you would like to come back in the future.

You can edit your listing via the space page. Don’t forget to hit save after!

Yes, we will deeply appreciate if you mark someone as a conversion on the co-worker community page. This will also help you see how well your office space is performing on our platform via our space dashboard.

You can edit you add or edit you photos via the edit button in your office space listing on your space page. You can then scroll through the list space form until you come to the photos section where you can add, replace or delete photos of your listing.

We can’t say for sure but we can tell you that most of our space seekers are entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups or small enterprises. We do occasionally get large companies looking for space too. We will soon be adding a section to your space dashboard where you will be able to view the kinds of people who are looking at or contacting you.

This can take up to 12 hours because of our screening and pre-approval process. You can find out more about it here.

This was either because your space did not meet our guidelines for pre-approval or it was reported by someone from our community during our ongoing random background checks. If this has happened to you and you would like to inquire about your space please email us on with the subject like "MY SPACE WAS REJECTED"

That’s easy! Just create an account and then go to the list my space page. It takes less than 5 min and you’ll be up and running is no time!

ODOCO will never ask you space seekers to pay us on your behalf, this is because we are not an agency. You can collect the consideration from the space seeker directly in whichever mode of payment is most suited to you.

Yes, it is always advisable to have insurance when you rent out a property. ODOCO will not be responsible for any occurrences between the space owner and seeker. Please contact your insurance provider to understand what kind of insurance you need.