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ODOCO Official Blog on Co-Working Space and Shared Workspace in India

The ultimate aim of running a successful business is by lowering the expenses to the least and increasing the profit to the maximum. This is the highest followed culture in most of the companies across metropolitan cities. With businesses booming throughout the country, it is not enough to just have an idea and an active internet connection. The other factor that matters the most is a sophisticated office space to work.

To make business operations smooth and affordable and lowering the costs of running an office, co working space in Hyderabad is an ideal option. This option has gained popularity in recent times. Coworking space Hyderabad allows several businesses to work from a single location thus lowering costs of administrative and management expenses.

However, that is not enough, there are multiple advantages of shared office space in Hyderabad for your business. Let us have a look.

Feasible working

A shared office in Hyderabad gives the flexibility to working patterns. It makes sure that each and everyone has the flexibility to work in their office as and when they like. Whatever may be the size of the team, the workflow and productivity are bound to increase, thus giving you more successful business outcomes. 

Lessened office costs

Keeping the office expenditure is necessary to have a successful business operation sp that the business does not run into losses. Office space in Hyderabad outsources business administration and management which helps in reducing expenditure. 

Improves networking opportunities. 

As there are many people from different careers and diverse backgrounds working together under one single roof, there are chances of increased interaction. This increases networking opportunities and helps everyone connect together for new projects. 

Personal and professional spaces

Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces offer much needed break from the boring corporate life. With a variety of activities like a cafeteria, sofas, video games, football and cricket turfs, etc, you get the correct work life balance with so many activities to relieve stress.

Given the above benefits, the new trend of coworking spaces is not only economically beneficial but also has several other benefits.

How to choose the right coworking office for you?

Nowadays, many brands offer coworking spaces. However, the crucial thing is whether any of these brands provide services as per the need of your business. 

The following are the few factors that need to be considered before shifting to a coworking space.

Location of the office- 

Location is a basic and important factor that needs to be considered. Your location should be not only located centrally for all employees but also ensure that it is affordable for the business operation. For example, if you are a banking sector, you need to be located in a place such that it is convenient for your customers to travel. On the other hand, if you are a call center company, then you need to be more accessible to your employees. 

Business growth- 

Considering whether the coworking space can match your business expansion plans can solve long term problems.

While it is we are already into the third month of 2020, workforces are gearing themselves for the changing annual trends depending on the past year. From providing solutions to coworking space and employees or structural shifts to the role of venture capitalists, here are the latest trends that are going to rule 2020. 

The distant worker

Infrastructure, fewer workspace and rising rates of real estate have put small companies and startups difficult to operate. Due to this, 2020 will be a year of remote workers. This year might see a shift from full-time workers to distant and part-time employees. New age technological advances like video conferences, virtual communication have made distant working an affordable and best option for small businesses. Companies are more likely to opt for a coworkingor office space which will save huge on their costs and help them switch from the traditional 9to5 job schedule to a more feasible work pattern that does not need desk space. 

Increasing employees happiness quotient

It is necessary for businesses to retain hard working and talented employees even when the economy is not doing good. Keeping employees happy is not just about payscale. When monetary gains are not the constraint, employees look for other factors like work environment, benefits, culture, etc. Studies have shown direct relation between employees happiness to their increased productivity. From relaxing rooms to various games, companies are trying to include every amenity in their cowork space to retain their best employees. Hence, when companies look for office space for rent employee happiness is the key feature they look for. 

The call of 5G

One of the most awaited trends of 2020 is the launch of 5G that will enable users to download with a speed of 1GBPS to 10 GBPS thus ensuring improved networking and emerging industries. The launch of 5G will not just help the developed nations but also the developing and underdeveloped nations by boosting their connectivity.

The war of online payment portals

It remains a big question that who will earn the most from among the online payment portals. The battle has already begun between credit card companies, banks and software companies and who will win it is a matter of time. However, this will be a major point to watch out for in 2020. With major companies like Whatsapp entering into this field, it will be exciting to watch who will win.

Social media marketing

Social media has constantly evolved with time and has been helping all of us connect and market our products to the customers. The stories feature of every social media platform will be the most trending part of marketing our products. Introduced by Snapchat, this feature was slowly adopted by major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It has quickly become a major fellow rival for marketing products and attracting audiences.

Industries to watch out for

With the emergence of virtual reality and motion sensors, the rise in the entertainment industry is the highest and will grow more this year. 

Co working space in Kolkata has been the trending so much that it has taken the whole industry with a storm. Digitalization has encouraged many startups and new companies to enter into the competition. However, the survival of these newly started companies was very less due to the huge costs and less return on investment. Young and new businesses take time to grow and heavily depend on improving efficiency, becoming cost-efficient and growing networks. The concept of coworking space Kolkata was developed due to the above issues and has gained popularity in recent times. 

Saving costs and giving much needed opportunity to grow and upgrade is certainly a recipe for success. Shared office space in Kolkata will surely rise in recent years due to its attractive benefits and opportunities. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of office space in Kolkata.



Reduced expenses of purchasing an expensive office are the first motivation for any new business to shift to shared office space in Kolkata. The amount saved by cost-cutting, specifically on overheads, is essential for a growing company as this money can be used in other business operations or in case of emergencies where the survival of the company is at stake. With a reasonable rate of small office space in Kolkata, you have more money left to put in your business and improve it.

Collaboration with peers

Co-working spaces are a huge opportunity for the members to connect and collaborate with each other on a single platform. Thus making way for more effective and better outcomes.


Co-working spaces are not just about office expense, it also includes the amenities that which are not accessible to the employees in traditional offices. Quality co-working space brands like Odoco provide top-notch amenities so that their customers focus on their core business. Co-working amenities include all those services that help in business growth like WiFi, a well-stocked pantry, IT and infrastructure, seminar rooms, conference rooms, private cabins, coffee machines, etc. Even relaxing rooms like a cafeteria where you can chat, relax and take a short break. Thus, a healthy co-working space lets you stay happy at your workplace and utilize your day to the maximum.

Having said the opportunities, there are always two sides to a coin. It is now time to look at the challenges of coworking space in India.

A coworking space has many people with different professions working together in a common office space. Due to this, a few challenges are bound to develop. However, these are not major challenges and can be easily overcome if focused on properly. 


Privacy is the biggest challenge in a coworking space. With shared office space, there will be people around you all the time. This might invade your work privacy as you may not be able to attend meetings and phone calls in private. Hence, infrastructure plays an important part.

Hence, coworking space has its own challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right office.

A few years ago, co-working was an unknown concept to everyone. Working with people that are not connected to you professionally under one roof was an unheard approach. But in recent decades, coworking spaces in Delhi is the new trend. From startups to big companies, businesses are rejecting the idea of owning a traditional office and shifting to coworking space in Delhi

The market of coworking spaces Delhi is expanding at a huge rate. It is estimated that by 2022 there will be 30000 shared offices around the world. The competition has grown like never before. Just the capability of providing a good co-working space is not enough. Shared office space providers are trying to bring innovative and customer-centric services that would make them stand out from the rest. The Coworking Space Delhi and in other metropolitan cities become the most perfect way to grow the community at the co-working space.

Programs and events in co-working spaces are different from traditional offices. Traditionally, events are organized to break the regular 9-5 job regime. It can be annoying to host an event in an organization due to the long company procedures and even the reluctance of employees to participate. Shared office space operations are different.

Here are the 5 primary reasons that make events special in co-working  spaces.

The structure is  attractive

The framework of a co-working space is designed in such a way that it meets the need and convenience of the employees. Hence your trouble in finding a suitable space to host the event is gone. The co-working spaces can be converted to suit according to the type of occasion you are about to host. These spaces have all the amenities which otherwise you would keep searching for outside. Conclusion? After a busy day, employees can take part in events without wasting time.

The participating members get rewarded in many  ways.

The members participating in the events hosted by co-working spaces are from different professions and backgrounds. Thus the potential of members getting rewarded increases are the requirement of one member can be fulfilled by others. Workshops to improve skillset and discussions have proved significant to the participating members.

Value addition to the participating  brands

Apart from employee growth co-working spaces organize events that add value to the member brands. Corporate social responsibility has become an important part of any business. Co-working spaces host events like environmental awareness programs as a part of CSR. Events like blood donation camps or health camps are also organized to ensure the good health of the members.

Diversity is  maintained

Various events like a hackathon, book clubs attract the members to participate and also keep them active. This helps in maintaining diversity as people from all professions come together to be a part of that event. This increases networking and builds a sense of belonging even after being from different professions altogether. Shared office spaces are open to hosting such diverse events that provide a strong base to its members in their personal development.

Events in co-working spaces are informative, nurturing and growth-oriented. It is important to host such events that benefit the community.

Bangalore has always been the right place for starting a new business. This city has given many of the companies the right base to grow big. Businesses view Bangalore as a potential market to start their operations. If you are also planning to launch a startup here in Bangalore with a small team then you probably would have thought of buying a small office with dark and congested rooms. Even if you are eager to shift to a big office, you might be short of funds at the initial stage. During such an instance, you should surely choose coworking spaces in Bangalore that are reasonable, well-furnished and would give you the perfect energetic vibe for your new business.

Coworking Space Bangalore or shared office space in Bangalore is the most fruitful way of getting the perfect office without spending a huge amount of money. No trouble with long-time lease or agreement. You can change the office anytime. This is a wonderful opportunity for all startups who are short of funds but dream of working in a lavish office with all the amenities. Co-working spaces are lively and full of active people from different backgrounds. You have the freedom to connect and network with people who are enthusiastic and determined.

But, choosing the right co-working space is important. Below are a few points that will help you in choosing the right shared office.

Selecting the right  location

If you are in search of the best coworking space in Bangalore to meet your customers regularly, make sure the place you choose is within the city limits and is well connected in terms of transportation. The office should be located within the prime business locations of the city.

Getting the favored  support

Once you shortlist the places, the next step that needs focus is selecting from the two options. First is selecting a space that would provide you the right mentorship for your newly started business or second option is selecting a self-governing space that is open for all.

Grasping a devoted space for  yourself.

Assess your preferred space according to your needs. You can opt for a dedicated desk or permanent workstation depending on the period you want to work there. 

Features and assets  available

Have a look at the amenities available in the co-working space before finalizing. You might require certain features depending on your type of business. For example, you might need a dedicated cabin for your customer care team. Do have a recheck with the shared office space provider whether he can cater to your special needs as and when required.

Being around positive and likeminded  people.

Every co-working space is different from the other. Some professionals prefer a formal environment to work for better productivity but that can be vice versa in other workspaces. It is important to realize the vibe for a particular co-working office to understand whether you will get the right place.

So, opting for a coworking space in Bangalore will save your time and money that would have otherwise cost you a ton in finding a perfect office. 

With business both big and small shifting to coworking office space in Chennai or business center in Chennai, it is an obvious thing that the concept of coworking Chennai saves huge money. Shifting to a new office brings a lot of expenses like maintenance, furnishing, modifications and costs that reoccur like rent. 

On the other hand, coworking Chennai a company avoids such minute expenses and can simply choose to pay for the space they actually use. Shared office space in Chennai will save your unwanted expenditure that you would have otherwise spent in a traditional office. 

There are several aspects that keep a coworking space an edge above the traditional offices.

Pay for what you use

In a traditional office, you have to bear the entire expenses irrespective of the space you use. However, a serviced office is acquired on contract, hence the expenses of utility charges, maintenance charges, and fees remain constant. Thus, by only paying for the space which you actually use, you do not end up overpaying like traditional office space. Coworking spaces are comparatively cheaper than a privately managed office. You also get the benefit of board rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias which are shared by everyone working in the coworking area. 

Less staffing expenses

An office requires many staffing expenses like in one form or other like assistants, receptionists, clerks. In short, these are funds spent on wages. Shared offices not only lower costs by sharing them across many offices, but also reduces the overheads on managing and recruiting staff. Due to this, companies get budget-friendly options while not compromising on the quality.

Coworking office have dynamic culture

Due to several factors, a company may cutbacks, downsize or even expand. When working in a rented or leased office, situations like this may strain the performance of the company as important time  and resources are given are consumed to adjust the changes like moving to a smaller/ larger space depending on the situation. In the case of a shared office, such situations do not disturb the business operation thus making it a dynamic and flexible option. Some coworking spaces also give the option cut back or expand on services as per your requirement. 

Equipment and furnishing

Traditional offices do not just stop on buying or leasing the office space. It also includes the the after costs of furnishing, infrastructure and equipment like computers, printers, projectors, coffee machines, etc. that would make an investment of Rs. 800000 for an average office space in India. On the other hand, a shared office provides all these services right from high speed internet, meeting rooms, private cabins everything in one package. 

Therefore, the above points clearly state that shared office spaces obviously save huge expenses as compared to traditional offices. This concept is proving to be significant for large companies as well as startups and SMEs. Odoco has several spaces in many major cities in India with low cost packages for small and big companies with world class amenities, and Chennai is one of them.

Coworking spaces are a great place for networking and build your own community. It is here you will gain from others’ knowledge and expertise and which will help in your business. So many people gather together with their variety of ideas in a coworking space, and this may help in creating new opportunities and often brings you some unique approach to solve your problems. You can interact with like-minded individuals and build a professional relation to achieve big in life.

Here a few tips that will help you in your networking attempt at a co-working space:

  1. Effective communication: Don’t just be a listener and gain from others’ knowledge. You too must reveal your ideas and participate in discussions. It must be a two-way process. Your good communication skills will play a great role in building your connection. Don’t just try to get motivated, but also attempt at motivating others.
  2. Socialize: When you are in the cafeteria, lounge or any recreational facility, don’t hesitate interacting with others. Just be friendly with others. Don’t try to judge everybody around you, whether they will prove a worthy connection or not. Your goal should be to know others. Unless you don’t get familiarize with others, you won’t be able to understand who could be the great professional friend for you.
  3. Participate in Events: Most co-working spaces offer fun time by engaging members in different events in their open area or on the rooftop. This is the time when you can develop a business network at coworking space . These events will help you in breaking the ice and initiating conversation with other members.
  4. Host an Event: It will be a good idea to host your event, so that others can come to know about you. You will be the center of attraction and have the opportunity to share your creativity, innovation and knowledge. This will be a productive approach to attract valuable professional connections.

In a shared office space, you will get new job opportunities, ideas for your project, feedback from experts etc., which are non-existing in case of a traditional workspace. With your connections, you get a chance to grow. Many times, you join hands with others to forge a partnership and start working on a project with a common goal. If you want to build your strong network, just be lively, sociable and open- minded. Your connections will rise and it’s an important part of the co-working culture.

When you say the word coworking in Mumbai, the first thought that you would probably picturise is a free coffee, a couch to rest, a TT table and a few of people busy on their computers. Though all these luxuries would pop up in your mind, there are my other primary reasons that make choosing a coworking space Mumbai a superior option.

Co-working is  economical

Many entrepreneurs are a bit prudent to spend their savings on huge spaces. Coworking Mumbai does not require a long term lease. This also means you can absolutely select the location which you otherwise would have not been able to bear in the initial stages. These provide the employees with flexible desk space and a well-designed office at just the price of normal office rentals. And there are so many options available for almost every budget! Also as the team members grow, you can easily shift to your private-owned office quite fast.

Work as per your own  convenience

At the Mumbai coworking spaces, you get flexible working spaces and private offices. But along with this, you can also add services according to your requirements like relaxation events, cafeteria, a private board rooms for meetings, conference rooms and of course reasonable co-working packages.

Up for an important meeting?

Choose a private conference room.

Want a quick break?

Chill at the cafeteria with a hot cup of coffee

Stressed of the office blues?

Enjoy a quick game at the football table.

Hence you can choose to work whenever or with whoever you want at your convenience.

Productivity and  Innovation

The co-working spaces host many events for associating and learning from fellow companions. Be it in the form of learning workshops or guest speaker visits, working in a co-working space will only lead to idea generation and innovation. Being surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds brings more and various ideas on the table leading to more productivity and innovative solutions.


Co-working helps you connect with people from diverse backgrounds who are culturally different and rich in talent. Being surrounded by such people will bring different ideas for your business. With people coming from different backgrounds together, the discussions and share of ideas with each other will only bring a win-win situation for both parties. Apart from this, organizations get to know the various kinds of work cultures that are followed.

The coworking space in Mumbai will especially bring more variety due to the multi-cultural population present in this city.  

Surrounded by a bunch of  experts.

Co=working is a community that has innovative and talented entrepreneurs working together under one single roof. This gives a sense of belonging when working in a co-working space. Also, it helps in killing the isolation of working alone. Working alone might help you in focusing on your goal but working with creative people helps you in learning new tricks and shortcuts of business. It might happen that you would get a powerful idea for your business while a random brainstorming session with your fellows.

Hence, choosing a coworking space in Mumbai is the right choice.

Choose the perfect office space that you have been always dreaming of!

Youngsters nowadays have big ambitions and dreams. They just don’t want to be the same 9to5 working class as their previous generation. They have understood that the world is full of opportunities and is undiscovered. But, to achieve such big ambitions begin working early is the only option that seems the right choice. But to start with, the basic requirement is a comfortable working place. There can be numerous reasons like lack of funds or lack of space due to which finding a right working space becomes hectic. To endure this hindrance coworking space in Pune is a great choice.

Even though so people may still hesitate to give coworking space Pune a thought, it is a boon for young entrepreneurs or freelancers who find it difficult to find a suitable working place. Pune coworking space promotes productivity and knowledge up-gradation due to working with peers having a different set of skills and knowledge.

Here are a few reasons how and why co-working spaces in Pune improve work quality and productivity. 

Various skills under one  roof

The new age workforce functions differently from those who worked in the past decades. Creativity and diversity are the two main factors that the young workforce looks upon. Personal career growth has motivated the new generation to work in a diversified working space where they can learn new things every day. This is why co-working spaces have become popular in many prime cities like Pune. Networking and learning become easier when you have people from different fields working under the same roof. This helps in building a strong network for future needs. 

Varied  Workforce

In a co-working space since employees are from different fields, there are more chances of innovation. For example, if a content writer is working beside a digital marketer, they might together come up with a new idea during a casual conversation over a coffee break that may result in a major project breakthrough. Sharing the office space also helps reduce monetary pressure on a single business. Since a co-working space has many companies working together the burden of rent is shared by everyone. Hence is a competent idea in terms of money. While many things are associated with renting or buying an office like long term agreement or contract, co-working spaces do not have such tiring procedures. 

Collaboration becomes  simple

Since shared office spaces have employees working from different fields, the outsourcing process becomes very easy. Suppose you are an android developer and need a short description of your application, you can immediately contact the content writer and explain your requirement in details which otherwise would have become very difficult. This is one of the most important reasons that make co-working so popular among the new working population. 

Dynamic and lively  atmosphere

You can always see the same old boring how-much-time-left-to-go-home look on every employee in a traditional office. Also for freelancers or solo business persons it sometimes becomes unproductive due to working alone at home. A co-working space drives loneliness away due to the presence of energetic people around with varied expertise who are committed to their work.

Hence co-working spaces have become popular as it boosts productivity due to the above reasons being few of them. 

The freedom of working as per your own schedule and from any location could be an attractive proposition for many of us. If you are in Bangkok and looking for a co-working space to work at your own pace, network with like-minded entrepreneurs and make new friends, the capital city of Thailand won’t disappoint you. Luckily, this city offers you a lot of opportunities if you want to develop an online business, write a bestseller or launch your mobile app. And for that you can choose from one of these ten best co-working spaces in the city.

  1. Hubba Bangkok: There are three branches of Hubba in Bangkok. Each branch has its own timings, and the pricing may also vary. The common features include standing desks, a lounge area, a meeting room and an outdoor terrace.
  2. The Hive: With a host of amenities, this coworking space Siam features a 5-floor space with a rooftop café. It is located close to the Thonglor BTS station and is open 5 days a week.
  3. Kliquedesk: Located close to the Nana BTS Station, this co-working space features an attractive sunny yellow décor. It includes working desks with comfortable chairs, high speed Wi-Fi, and free parking.
  4. E88 Coworking: It is on the first floor of the E88 building and thus gets its name. Situated at a short distance from the Phrakanong BTS station, you will find a lot many attractive places in its surroundings, including cafes and restaurants. It has plenty of space for energetic entrepreneurs with cool furniture and a great ambiance.
  5. Launchpad Bangkok: This coworking space Thailand is for entrepreneurs who love to work with fun. There are co-working spaces and recreation area. You can also get free parking and can stroll up to the café, which is just outside the building.
  6. The space Bangkok: It is a bustling space that promotes a startup culture in the city. Besides, the working desk, you will also get the facilities of scanner and photocopier. It also has a café, lounge and a locker room.
  7. Draft board Bangkok: With funky modern furniture, this co-working space offers a friendly environment for all entrepreneurs. It also has a café, lounge and an open space for events.
  8. The Work Loft: It is located in the business district of Bangkok and offers a host of amenities including a lounge, a café, an outdoor terrace, and facilities of photocopying and scanning documents.
  9. Growth Café: You can walk a short distance from the National Stadium BTS station to reach here. It offers you a lounge, café and a space for a multitude of events. It is open 7 days a week.
  10. Cluster: Open from Monday to Sunday, Cluster offers you high-speed internet, free tea/coffee, library and a lounge.

When you keep these names in mind, you can find the best coworking space Bangkok, based on your priorities.